Haynes Energy Services are able to offer a consultancy service with regard to obtaining Lloyds GIRS accreditation for UIP’s from partial accreditation through to full for both CCCR and CNRB.  We have successfully gained accreditation with a number of companies and ensured a smooth delivery of accreditation.  Haynes Energy Services can also provide an ongoing service to ensure you retain your accreditation whilst you build your business and deliver the construction work.  Haynes Energy Services can provide Technical Advisor’s. Haynes Energy Services can provide Authorising Engineer and Competent Persons for SCO related activities up to and including 7bar.

Haynes Energy Services consultancy has a vast knowledge of the gas connections industry and is able to advise and project manage not only gas projects but also management or operational elements of your business, please call for further information and possible solutions to your requirements.

Ian Haynes is a member of the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers and therefore would be able to complete technical audits, advice on outlet pipework and general queries on gas projects.

Ian Haynes is also fully qualified to project manage the installation,test, commission and purge outlet pipework up to 16bar for both steel and PE installation up to and in excess of 6″/180mm.

Electrical Connection Project Managed