Outlet Pipework (Pipework after the meter)

Haynes Energy Services can supply a bespoke design and cost for all your pipework needs for outlet pipe from the meter through to an adjacent point to your appliance. Haynes Energy Services will construct above ground pipe in welded steel or screwed also below ground pipe in MDPE in either a pre-excavated trench or a full turn key operation.
Haynes Energy Services pride itself in a fully project managed solution. Haynes Energy Services is a Gas Safe registered business (Reg No. 542869) but also only use fully accredited personnel registered with Gas Safe and holding the appropriate qualifications.

Haynes Energy Services will also undertake pipeline inspections in line with current IGEM recommendations  and supply a written report detailing your system condition.

Disconnections Alterations

Haynes Energy Services will arrange for the disconnection / alteration of existing Gas and Electric supplies.  We will deliver competitive quotations in line with your requirements and advise on the most suitable approach.  Haynes Energy Services have been involved in the disconnection market for a number of years and is able to offer technical advice to meet your specific requirements.

Identifying Current Gas Mains

To obtain information on the location of existing gas mains and service.
If you are undertaking a new development and would like information on the location of the existing gas mains and services adjacent to the site boundary we offer this service to developers and building services consultants
To receive the current details (plan) indicating the location of the existing gas mains and services in the immediate vicinity of your development, please contact us directly.